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Frequently Asked Questions


Why use a professional management company like Happy Host?

Often prospective clients (particularly those who reside in the same city as their property, or if the property is their actual home) wonder why they should be spending money on a management company when they could be doing it themselves.


There are a number of reasons for this, the most pertinent ones being time and reputation.


-The average Airbnb host who wishes to run a successful listing, spends in excess of 10 hours a week on their property. First-time hosts are usually shocked by the amount of time and effort needed to consistently deliver a 5 -star experience for their guests (short-term letting platforms are all review-based models, so one cannot afford to let one’s rating drop)

Money spent on a management fee can be easily recouped as professionals know how to maximize bookings by using dynamic pricing strategies to increase bookings & returns, & use Search Engine Optimization (Airbnb’s algorithm claims to have 100 ‘ingredients’ and we are always upskilling ourselves on these new techniques so that your property is actually being seen on Airbnb, and therefore booked)


Happy Host has over 600 great reviews on just Airbnb alone. If your property is listed with us, prospective guests are more likely to book with an established and reputable host than an individual who shows no history of hosting experience.


Prospective guests usually enquire about a number of properties they are considering at once, meaning that it often literally means the first host to respond will get the booking. We have a team that is constantly engaging with the Airbnb app, meaning most queries are answered within the hour. This is stated on our Airbnb profile, and people are a lot more likely to enquire and book knowing they will have tied it all up very quickly, and no longer have to worry about it.


If you are easily flustered, or not a ‘peoples person’ the help of a pro is a must. Things can and do go wrong, and a burst geyser (just as an example) in the middle of the night is a stress most people can ill afford!


For peace of mind, a seamless experience for both host and guest, and for return on investment, professional management is highly recommended, particularly if you have bought an investment property with the sole purpose of Airbnb’ing/short term renting. Your returns will be maximized and safer if in professional hands.

Why do short-lets as opposed to traditional longer tenencies?

Clients find short-lets favourable for a number of reasons- first being that they are able to use the property whenever they wish, and the second being that it can be a lot more lucrative.


Once you have signed the lease agreement in long term rentals, you can’t change the rent, which means you will be getting the same income for the whole duration of your tenants’ stay.


With short-lets, you can change pricing as often as you wish (even from day to day) which means one can capitalize on things like public holidays, long weekends, school holidays, peak seasons and even events taking place in your area/city. You are in charge of your pricing at all times and can adjust it to suit your goals.


Why do we urge hosts to use

only white linen?

White sheets and bedding assure guests that the bed is clean and fresh, and because they look and feel so clean, they also give the impression of luxury—even if the property itself is not expensive. ...Happy Host aims to attract a good calibre of guest and the hospitality industry as a general rule uses white linen across the board. This also has a practical purpose: bed linens, towels, and any other dirty laundry can be washed together without any colours bleeding.

Owners also like the fact that they are always aware of how their property is being treated as it is constantly being seen and maintained accordingly, as opposed to long term tenancies which very often yield some nasty surprises at the property when the tenancy has come to an end.


It is also now extremely onerous to evict delinquent tenants.


Each Airbnb stay is insured for up to R10 million, so it provides peace of mind to the owner.

Do I need Wifi in

my property?

In a word, yes! Whilst it is not compulsory, international travelers are accustomed to this amenity in Airbnb’s across the globe. We are happy to assist you with recommending the most cost-effective option.

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